Flora and Fauna

Identify TAS is a photographic field guide to the flora and fauna of Tasmania.
Each page poses a simple question about the organism that you have found, which leads to another question, then another, eventually drilling down to a page identifying and describing the plant or creature.

Since this is a field guide rather than a rigorous biological classification, it does not cover small organisms that cannot be readily seen with the naked eye. It also does not attempt to distinguish between species whose only differences are internal, or only visible through a microscope.

With a specimen to hand (or perhaps a photograph or a good memory), please begin by answering this first simple question. Don’t overthink any question, as you can always return to an earlier branch and try again.

Is it a fungus, a plant, or an animal?

This site is a photographic field guide of macroscopic organisms, rather than a rigorous biological classification of Tasmanian flora and fauna. It is, however, well supplied with links for further reading or deeper investigation.